Alum is a crystalline substance whose chemical name is potassium aluminum sulfate. Alum can be used for curing many diseases. Many people use alum as a after shave. Alum can be used to stop bleeding from wounds and also it is helpful in healing wounds. So lets discuss about the benefits of the alum.

Health Benefits Of Alum:-Alum

1. In winter your fingers might get swelled or might start itching because of a lot of work involved with the water. To avoid this problem, you can boil alum in some water and then wash your fingers with this water and you can get relief from swelling or itching caused by excess work with water in winter.

2. To avoid the hassle caused by Diarrhea and dysentery, you can finely grind the alum, then roast it and now if you take this roasted alum with rose water, it will stop bloody diarrhea.

3. Those who suffers from the problem of excess sweating, they can dissolve alum in their bathing water to get relief from this problem.

4. If you are suffering from tonsils, then you can gargle with the warm water mixed with a pinch of salt and alum and it will give you relief very soon.

5. If you are suffering from the pain caused by an injury, then you can have 1.5 gm alum powder with milk and it will help you in diminishing pain.

6. If you are suffering from dental pain, then you can grind alum with black pepper and rub this mixture into the roots of teeth and it will relieve you from dental pain.

7. After shaving, if you use alum on your face, it makes it softer.

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